What Is An Actuator Valve

An Actuator Valve is a valve that moves open and closed depending on the needs of the application it’s used within. Attached in two parts, the entire valve comes with a body and a valve pilot. 

Different Types Of Actuator Valves

Commonly there are two types of Actuator valves used. These are the pneumatic valve and the electric valve. Pneumatic actuators are the most common type of actuator valve and come with an adjustable screw, a breather plug, a spring, stem, and a diaphragm assembly. The assembly may sometimes be referred to as a valve’s Topworks, as it’s directly bolted onto the top of the valve itself. 

Electric actuators comprise a control board, a drive motor, and an adapter. The electric power within the valve is controlled by the control board, which will determine when the drive motor will engage or not. The main difference between both an electric actuator and a pneumatic one is that electric actuators receive signals from an outside source, such as an electric pilot or remote terminal unit. 

Which Actuator Valve Is Right For Me? 

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right valve for your needs. However, the most important are the following: 

  • Emissions. If you’re looking to reduce the emissions of your business, then an electric actuator may be the best option for you. These don’t require a gas supply and therefore won’t release emissions. 
  • Cost. The upfront costs of both valves can vary from supplier to supplier. However, pneumatic valves tend to cost lower on average. That being said, electric valves are better suited for lowering emissions, so it’s best to choose depending on which need you to have to consider more. 
  • Automation. Do you want something that’s easily automated? Or a valve that requires manual intervention? Automated valves allow you to manage your valves offsite, so take this into consideration before you buy. 
  • Capabilities. Consider which valve does the best for your business, and always opt for the one that enhances your business process. 

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