History and evolution of online slot Games

Slot machines have a long history that dates back to the late 1800s, a long time from the present day where we see them being played online at sites such as Umbingo. The evolution of these machines increased gradually in early 1920s and somewhere in the late 1990s, online slot games took off and changed the entire gambling landscape. To date, several types of slot machines have been designed to suit the market’s taste and preferences.

Based on available facts, the first person to actualize the idea of slot machines was a German immigrant, Charles Fey who set up the first slot-machine in the country. Fey had advanced skills in mechanics which he utilized with levers and reels to design a Liberty-Bell slot-machine. Charles also replaced the many symbols of playing cards to only five; hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes, and liberty bell.

The first slot-machine had 3 spinning reels which came with images/pictures of cards. Each reel had a picture/image of a cracked Liberty Bell and the gameplay was simple; one had to pull the lever on the sides setting the reels in continuous motion. The player could then wait for the motion to stop before checking where it stopped. Depending on where the reels stopped, the player would get the highest win of 50 cents.


Slot to Fruit-machines

In 1902-1903, rules on gambling were set and enforced in several US states.. Charles Fey and his competitors decided to go around the gambling rules. They used images of candies/fruits instead of playingcards and if the machine showed 3 pictures/images of chewing-gum or candies; the player would go home with an actual packet gum or candies. This psychological transition in the gambling industry still enabled gamers play and enjoy slot games. This is when Slot machines changed to Fruit machines.

With the amendment of laws and new bills being passed by different law legislators, slot machines made way back into the market. With the advancement in technology, electromechanical machines that utilized programmed interfaces replaced the classical mechanical systems. Rapid changes continued as the random- number-generator hit the market and everything became transparent, digital and automatic.

Going online

With the internet boom of the 1990s, online casinos were born and among the first online games to be offered were slot games. In the beginning, the gambling style was identical to the land-based slot machines, but with time, new developers emerged into the market.

Computer programming removed restrictions and soon, developers, businesses and gamblers were enjoying double profits due to the increased efficiency and ease of making money. Nowadays, online slots come with up to 5 reels & unconventional layouts. A wide variety of themes and symbols are now available besides the innovative structures, bonus rounds, and special gaming features.

Classification of slot machines

Slot machines are classified into different types which include but not limited to; single-coin, multi-coin, touch-screen, video slot, reel slots, and buy-your-pay slot machines. Slot games are among the most popular casino games. There are hundreds of different types available online and no matter your skill level; you’ll always find one that works well with your amateur or pro tactics.