In the construction industry, workwear is essential as it will improve overall safety. When you hire new recruits, you need to ensure they have the essentials in terms of this work wear. When creating a list of essential construction workwear, you need to consider the job they will complete on the construction site.

Protective Helmets

One of the most important parts of construction workwear is the helmet. Safety helmets are a requirement on all construction site if they want to operate legally. They will also reduce the risks of head injuries which can be debilitating.

The helmets being used have to meet EN standards. They should be resistant to penetration, absorb shock and be water-resistant. They should also be slow-burning and needs to be replaced if they are damaged in any way. This will include being deeply scratched or encountering a serious impact.

Eye Protection

There are a lot of hazards on a construction site which can cause damage to the eyes such as bright lights, sparks and flying particles. Eye protection is vital for all workers and will need to have the CE symbol. This will ensure the eyewear meets the correct standards.

As with helmets, there are certain requirements eye protection will need to meet. The lens should have shading to help with light transmission and it will need to be strong enough to withstand impact. The design of the frame needs to protect against splashes or offer a screen that covers the entire face. Lens that are anti-moist and scratch-resistant are recommended.

Ear Protection

Construction workers are exposed to noise of 85 decibels and more on a regular basis. This exposure can lead to hearing loss. This is why ear protection is vital, but a maximum exposure of 87 decibels is set even with the proper protection.

Your workers should be offered a choice between over-ear and in-ear protection. If they have chosen in-ear protection, it will have to be designed for use in construction. Ear protectors that are not made for construction will not provide the protection your recruits need.

Hi Vis Construction Clothing

The workwear that new recruits wear also need to be up to a certain standard. Workwear & Builders clothing should be made from a durable material which is resistant to abrasion and completely waterproof. The clothing will need to protect the workers from weather conditions as well as chemical splashes.

If your workers will be in considers that have temperature extremes, potential impacts and hazardous splashes, their clothing must protect them. Safety clothing will have to be used in these instances. Overalls and boiler suits will be ideal for light protection, but tougher trousers and jackets are needed for more extreme conditions. Gauntlets, armlets, gloves and wrist cuffs will also need to be provided to protect exposed body parts.

There are certain essential pieces of workwear that new recruits in the construction industry require. This workwear will include helmets, eye protection, ear protection and protective clothing. All of these essential items will need to meet certain standards to ensure safety on the site.